10 Adventure Survival Tips

10 Adventure Survival Tips - Kristie Jean

Melody and I go for a hike or some sort of adventure nearly every weekend and without fail there is always something that comes up that we wish we would have remembered or done differently. It has become a running joke of wondering what is going to happen next, are we going to get lost, forget our jackets at home and be cold the whole time, forget to pack food (actually that would never happen, I like food too much).

I have come up with our top 10 adventure survival tips…so far

  1. Know what poison ivy looks like when you are on a trail with signs warning of it…
  3. Always, ALWAYS check to make sure there is a memory card in your camera BEFORE hitting the trail.
  4. It’s probably best to do your research BEFORE you are on the road instead of when you get to the location…
  5. So you charged your camera batteries, good for you, now PUT THEM IN THE CAMERA…though better they are in your backpack then still in the charger at home.
  6. You should probably go to the washroom BEFORE you get to the trail head because getting there and then realizing you have to go and then having to drive back to town…..
  7. Long pants…they are your best friend…WEAR THEM…even if it is hot.
  8. FOOD is just as important as the camera equipment, leaving room in your backpack for it is always a good idea…hangry is never a fun mental state to be in…for you or the people with you.
  9. Off is NOT just for mosquitos….very important during tick season
  10. Remember things don’t always go as anticipated but as long as you walk away with at least one decent picture and you had fun while taking the picture then that is all that really matters.

Though we have our moments and on occasion climb down cliffs that we aren’t completely sure how we are going to get back up, generally speaking we stay in the car to take pictures of bears and USUALLY remember to snap photos of the trail map before hitting the trail….want to come hiking with us yet? I’m joking…mostly.

In all seriousness though, hiking is fun so get out there on the trails, snap photos to capture the moment and always keep dreaming…

Kristie Jean