England Day 5 – Brighton

Brighton, England - Kristie Jean

I had the most delicious bowl of porridge and fruit to start the day today. SO GOOD.

I stayed at the Motel Schmotel, a little B&B only a couple blocks from the beach. It is not a super fancy place but man do they know how to make breakfast. Plus the name, how you can resist a place with a name like that?

Brighton, England - Kristie Jean

I spent the day wandering around Brighton and checking out all the shops. The lanes are a very cool area with tiny little streets going every which way. After checking out the lanes I made my way back to the pier and beach to snap a few more photos since there was fewer people around compared to the day before.

At the end of the day I had some time so I decided to check out the British Airways i360 which is an observation tower. You go up to 138 metres and it is apparently the world’s tallest moving observation tower. I am not completely sure it is worth the sixteen pounds it costs but you do get an amazing view if you have the money to spare.

 Brighton, England - Kristie Jean   Brighton, England - Kristie Jean  Brighton, England - Kristie Jean  Brighton, England - Kristie Jean

Brighton is a strange mix of a beach town and a city. You go down by the seaside and you find all the fish and chip shops and little stores that sell flip-flops, knickknacks and other such things. Walk up a couple blocks from the beach and you all of a sudden feel like you are in a city with stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters and Primark. I suppose it is a bit like Los Angeles, though you’d be more inclined to be wearing sweatshirts and pants instead of shorts and tank tops. Definitely a place worth checking out if you are in England.

Tomorrow I head to a hotel near the airport so I guess today was my last day of England adventures. It is crazy how fast a week can go and there is definitely a lot of more England I wish I could see. I am excited to sleep in my own bed though!

Kristie Jean

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  • Sharon

    I think I could like this place, the ocean, the cute little shops and the yummy sounding restaurants and cafes (just going by your pics)!!! Looking forward to seeing all your pictures of England, oh and looking forward to seeing you too!!