The Story


The name 03-TwentyEight is a date, March 28, 2014 to be exact. It is the day that I learned that things don’t always go according to plan no matter how hard you try.

Melody and I were attending a photography school, we had an amazing group of photographers as classmates and had learned so much. With only a few weeks of classes and portfolios left to do, on a Thusday afternoon, we were told that the school would be closing it’s doors for good the following Monday. With those words we went to one more class the next day and that was it. It felt like all the work, sleepless nights, moving cities, was all for nothing.

I chose the name 03-TwentyEight because even after a month of wondering what was next, and having no motivation to pick up the camera, I don’t think any of us gave up on our dreams.

So I guess that is what 03-TwentyEight is all about, it’s to help you keep your dreams alive no matter what happens.