Weddings, Adventures and Life

Wedding, Adventures and Life - Kristie Jean

Summer is here and so are weddings…at least that is what it feels like at the moment.

Lets talk weddings first. There are times when I can almost convince myself I am still 16, and then I end up at one of my oldest friends weddings as a bridesmaid/photographer, find out the day after that wedding that my best friend is engaged and did I mention that I spent the weekend at my friend’s wedding talking to another friend about her upcoming wedding who also happened to be a bridesmaid…. I think it is safe to say that I am well and truly reminded that I am no longer 16 anymore…and it’s a good thing I like weddings.

Summer. Somehow summer becomes busy without ever planning for it to be that way. In the spring Melody and I took our list of places we wanted to get to this year and scheduled them in and it seemed like, at the time, there were a ton of weekends to fill. For the first couple months we hit nearly every adventure we planned. The google calendar was working for us. Adventures were planned for those free weekends, photoshoots booked in, a trip to England blocked out…I got this. Some how or another though Melody and I haven’t been on an adventure in over a month, there is maybe one free weekend left for the rest of the summer, and I haven’t hit publish on this blog in 2 weeks…

Summer will forever be my favourite time of the year despite it being busy. Sometimes though, in amongst all the craziness that is life, you just have to grab a Starbucks, throw on a swim suit and sit in your parents pool and work on your tan…and in the words of Suzie Toronto

“When life becomes a roller coaster, climb in the front seat, throw your arms in the air and enjoy the ride”

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

Keep Dreaming…

Kristie Jean

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