When Adventures Don’t Go As Planned

When adventures don't go as planned - Kristie Jean

There are adventures that go exactly as planned, beautiful weather, well marked trails, everything is great and then there are adventures that do not go well at all. That would be these two hikes.

Turtle Mountain is in Vernon, I will admit to not doing too much research before Melody and I got there other then to figure out how to get to where we were going. When we got to the “trail head” we realized we were in the middle of a bunch of houses and it didn’t look like much of a hike at all. After a few minutes of research on our phones and chowing down on a banana we decided to head down the path to see what we could see.

After only a couple minutes of walking we came to a sign announcing we were at Turtle Mountain and the trail split. While trying to decided what to do we came across another hiker who told us to head to the left and that you could walk for miles “just don’t get lost”. Another few minutes down the trail and it opened up to a farmers field and cows popping up everywhere. We decided we must be on crown land since by this point we had passed multiple hikers and didn’t see any no trespassing signs. We looked around for a few minutes not knowing where to head to find the turtle pond one of the hikers mentioned and in the end we decided to climb up the side of a hill to the highest point we could see. We made it to the top only to see rain closing in from all sides and the wind was so strong I almost lost my hat. We snapped a few quick pictures before heading back down. After returning to the Turtle Mountain sign we passed earlier we took a closer look at it and realized that someone had painted over words that we could only assume said “private property no access” leaving only the word access visible. Slightly confused over this hike we climbed in the car and headed home mutually agreeing that Turtle Mountain just wasn’t for us.

Turtle Mountain - Kristie Jean Turtle Mountain - Kristie Jean     

Embleton Mountain is up near Sun Peaks Resort. I had high hopes for this hike. It seemed like a well used and well liked area. We parked the car at the bottom of a super rough road and walked up to the main parking lot to where there was a trail map. We found the “you are here” and chose what seemed like the quickest and most direct route to the lookout and while I was snapping a picture of the map on my phone Melody took a closer look only to realize there was what seems liked about 20 “you are here’s” in 20 different spots. So…where are we became the question of the day.

It seemed that every couple maps along the trail had a proper “you are here” marked but that was the extent of the signage. There were no posts telling you what path you were on and at times no trail markers at all. After multiple wrong turns, realizing that the path we were supposed to be on was a creek due to the time of year and melting snow, and needing to be home at a certain time an hour and a half in to our hike we called it quits and turned around to head back down the mountain.

While the area is beautiful and one day I would like to go back and try and make it to the lookout, I was happy to turn around and head home.

I can’t recommend this hike due to the fact that I have no idea what the view at the top looks like and if it is worth it but if you are someone who likes a beautiful and quiet area to get some exercise then go for it, though I would suggest going later in the season when it has dried up some and the snow has melted.

   Embleton Mountain - Kristie Jean  Embleton Mountain - Kristie Jean

Sometimes you just have to appreciate the fact that you are outside and taking photos when adventures don’t go as planned because having a camera in hand can pretty much make up for all the mishaps.

A quick video from the two hikes…

Keep dreaming…

Kristie Jean